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Top 5 best places to eat in Christchurch

Here are my personal favourite places to eat in Christchurch.

1. Mexico

If you’re keen for a fiesta, try Mexico. The fried chicken is the best, and a beef taco is the perfect fastest way to happiness. If you’re vegetarian, check out the jackfruit quesadilla!

For me it’s always burger time. Whether I'm at the Sunday Riccarton markets or having dinner at Little High, I always have room for a burger.

3. Banter Café

A favourite of mine are the scones; they're so fluffy and ooze with butter - I get one every time. If you’re after a bit of lunch, I would recommend the BLT. After all, anything goes with coffee!

4. Engine Coffee Brewers

It’s in the name; these guys know how to brew their coffee. When you’re in town this is the perfect modern little coffee shop!

5. The Sichuan Kitchen

Pretty much where dumplings were invented - come here to sample them. If you’re a fan of spice then they will definitely provide!

Happy eating!

Lots of love,



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