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Heckin' fun activities to do in Christchurch

I’ve taken the liberty to compile a list of some heckin’ fun activities for you to do in the weekends to ensure you get your dose of funness before hitting the books again.

Ferrymead Paintball

There’s nothing more exhilarating than ducking behind giant wooden blocks, running and dodging little lethal bullets of paint - feeling like you’re in the most hectic action movie ever. Test your paintball skills at Ferrymead Paintball; rain or shine, you’re guaranteed an extremely fun time (I didn’t even mean for that to rhyme... Oh my God, I DID IT AGAIN). 

Canterbury Red Devils vs Botany Swarm

I can confirm, ice hockey games are the BEST way to spend an afternoon. There’s nothing quite like getting dressed in a thermal and scarf, eating some roasted almonds on the sidelines and losing your voice screaming for the team you support.

The Canterbury Red Devils are versing Botany Swarm at Alpine Ice Sports Centre on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of June so get yourself a ticket and witness the brutal yet brilliant sport of Ice Hockey. There’s nothing better to get you into the winter season!

CaddyShack City Mini Golf or Ferry Mead Golf Golf

Mini golf is a?sport that has grown on me in recent years. Especially if it's indoors with some awesome obstacles to get through. CaddyShack City Mini Golf has definitely got me sorted, with their 18 hole indoor mini golf course, with brilliant historical features everywhere. This would be ideal rain or shine.

Alternatively, located near the beautiful port hills, I couldn’t imagine a better location to play some golf. Take your pick of playing mini putt, hitting up the driving range, or playing some good old 9 hole golf at Ferrymead Paintball. 


Arcadia is probably single handedly the most entertaining bar I’ve ever been to. Everywhere you look, there’s retro gaming machines including Pacman and Space invaders, which makes me feel like I’m literally in an episode of Stranger Things. Arcadia’s food is just as awesome, with my personal favourite being their cheesy chips. I’ll see ya there.

A night in with Neon and Dominos Pizza

Entertainment is all around us here in Christchurch, but sometimes it’s nice to just hop into bed with some food and binge your favourite series. My personal choice? Pizza and Grey’s Anatomy. Especially coming into winter, sometimes it’s nice to just blob. Now that sounds like a bit of me.

By Nickyy


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