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Must-do days out in Christchurch

It’s raining outside and you’re thinking what should I be doing with my day?

Whether you too dusty to do something and just want to watch a movie or want to get out there and seize the day. The option is all yours. But if you’re struggling I’ve got some ideas…


For only $25 you can score an all-day pass to hop-on or hop-off. A perfect way to get around the city for a bite to eat or a shop.

Antarctic center

Catch a sight of the penguins and explore all about the history of Antarctica. Explore what it’s like to be caught in a blizzard.


There are plenty of places to go. Alice cinemas in town, or even the tannery for good comfy seats .


Go and see the most current expedition and learn a bit more about NZ.

Art Gallery

Check out the latest expedition!

Ice skating

Grab a bunch of mates and get down to the rink.

Mega Zone

Get a team together and play some laser strike or go to the escape room.


Another place for some games and fun with heaps of mates.


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