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Eating in Christchurch on a budget

Wondering what to have for dinner in Christchurch, but don’t want to spend a fortune? Here are a few options for you:

Upper class food court type of vibes with pretty much any cuisine you desire.

So if you’re going with a group of mates you can all get something different but eat together. Pretty ideal.


The new cinema complex, also nice foodcourt vibes. Pop in for dinner pre or post movie all within 10 steps of each other, you have anything from Indian to poke bowls.


Ilam road super close to uni and shit they do have the best curries around. Monday and Tuesday is 2 for 1. So take a date or a mate and get yourself a butter chicken. photo://

Captain Bens

Also on Ilam road, one of the most underrated take away shops in the area. Whether you’re after a burger or fish and chips, this is your local.

Wrap, bowl or burrito. You’re one stop shop for some Mexican!


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