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Top 5 cafes in Wellington

Hey, I'm Jess - a student living in the heart of Welly. Here are my top 5 coffee spots!

All in the name of the best tasting beans. Cool staff who know what they are doing ensures a perfect cup of caffeine every time! 

Across the road from my favourite supermarket (Moore Wilson’s) is this amazing spot! Always busy, but you're guaranteed the best mocha served with Whittaker’s chocolate. BONUS! 

If you're a Wellingtonian then you'll know this cute spot. You definitely can’t go past the latte bowls, yes you heard me right: bowls! This adorable spot uses Havana coffee beans.

Coffee is serious business in Wellington, and Flight elevates it to an art form with expert baristas brewing an impressive list of single-origin, house blends, espresso and cold brew drinks. 

My personal local spot, cute antique miss matched cups and decor. The perfect study break or even better bring your books along and grab a table outside! 


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