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Cheap eats of Wellington

Ever got sick of the hall food and just wanted a cheap dinner to suffice the hunger in your stomach? Is your flatmate the worst cook ever to set foot on this earth? 

Well, I'm Nickyy and I have given you my personal top five cheap eats in Wellington because being a student is hard. So the least I can do is tell you these quirky places to get some decent food without going into your rent money.

Little Penang - Dixon Street

Who doesn’t love the massive meals of a fast-paced Asian fusion restaurant. Little Penang is my absolute regular with the delicious Hokkien Char or Mi Goreng, it is definitely the place to go. Also there is usually leftovers, so that’s lunch as well.

Ekim Burgers - End of Cuba Street 

As I said in my previous piece, Burgers are a Students best friend and I stick by that 100%. My personal favourite is the Chicken burger Papa T, but they also do vegie or beef burgers if you swing that way. Also the atmosphere is so super quirky and fun to get a true Welly vibe.

Dominos - Kent Terrace 

Dominos is my absolute go-to for a cheap/fast bite to eat or just to binge on a full pizza.

Chow - Tory Street

Chow is another Asian fusion restaurant, with my absolute favourite the 5 spice chicken curry. Chow does a 2 for 1 meal deal on a Monday and a 2 for 1 cocktail special on Wednesday night (I usually only go on these nights). The menu is super massive with loves of vege options as well!

Sushi B - Outside the railway station, Woodworth Street

This has got to be the best and craziest sushi I have ever tried. This is definitely a once a week treat for me. What’s even better is after 4pm the sushi becomes half price!


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