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Best places to get a bite in Wellington

If you’re anything like me and my group of friends, or if you have the classic 'where to eat' convo with bae, then you need to have a read of this.

Let’s face it; it’s hard to choose a place that suits everyone. There’s usually a vegan in the mix too so you’ve got to make sure there is something for everyone. Chuck in someone that doesn’t like spicy, or one that only eats spicy and then it feels like there’s no place left.

Keep reading to find great places to eat that are not too hard on the ol’ bank account.

On a Monday or Tuesday, 2-4-1 Stone-grills, now these are probably the best thing ever. You get a hot plate and cook your own meal? Like what, who came up with that? I want to thank whoever did because they are the bomb, a bit of entertainment while you dine. Great first date idea if you need a distraction. It's vegetarian-friendly as well.

This is the ultimate salad and wrap place. Now I’m not usually a salad girl, but these are loaded salads and are delicious! Perfect for the classic uni lunch, better than Maccas because your body is a temple.

This is one for when the 'rents come to visit. Very pricey, but there’s food, and then there’s Logan Brown. It’s next level delicious, flavours you didn’t know existed are created in the confines of this place. DEFINITELY con the parents into taking you to this one!

This place is Asian infused and is delicious. Super quick service with so many FLAVOURS popping out of your mouth. I would definitely recommend the Hokien Char, by far my favourite, but the classic Mi Goreng is just as good! Also very wallet-friendly.

Fidel's is literally the most versatile place there is. Want muesli? Fidel's. Want a pizza? Fidel's. Want a Tim Tam cake? Fidel's. They literally has you covered for any time of the day with a very hip atmosphere. Bring ya grandma, friend and lecturer because it’s suitable for everyone!

Hope this has helped your “where to eat” convo. So eat up and let me know how it goes.

By Nickyy


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