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Kiwi days out for around $100

Sometimes you just need to do something; to get outside, out of your normal routine and do something worthwhile. That is indeed where adventure comes into place, if you’re not so much an adventure person, then it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and try something different to get that adrenalin pumping…

Immerse yourself in the outdoors in the stunning Akaroa. The chance to see dolphins, penguins and marine bird life, this is not something you would often do and may not be able to do for much longer. At $82 you will still have some money left over for lunch.

Are you after a bit of speed, 360 turns and maybe a few close-calls to get the blood pumping? At just over $100, you can get 30 minutes of excitement on the Hanmer jet boats!

Have the choice of 15 hot pools outside in a rock pool or have some jets going in the pool - for only $25 each you can even take three mates with you! Hanmer Springs is the perfect place for a day-trip, or stay the weekend

4. Mountain bike lessons

At Christchurch Adventure Park, whether you’re a pro or not, these lessons are for everyone to learn a bit of balance here, coming in at $90. Still room for a cuppa!

After some breath-taking scenery? Have a look at a fully-fledged sheep station. At only $60 for a horse-drawn wagon ride through the high country, dinner is in the equation!

Prices correct as of 9 August 2019.

By Nickyy


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