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How to create the perfect travel itinerary

Creating the perfect travel itinerary is not always the easiest thing to do. But whether you’re planning an over-night trip or two weeks exploring the South and North islands, we have some amazing tips to make travel super easy for all types of travellers.

Itinerary tip #1

Bucket listing

As soon as I know I’m heading somewhere new, I start by making a ‘bucket list’ for my travel destination. Listing the unmissable locations and things to do and see is the best way to start making your travel itinerary!

Planning what can’t be missed gives you a great starting point for what it is you want to do while you're over there and when you want to do it. For me, this very site is an amazing tool to sort through interesting articles, ideas and even top food recommendations for wherever you're heading. Simply add locations, activities and restaurants into a list, and before you know it you’ll have too many great ideas to choose from!

Itinerary tip #2

Getting from place to place 

It's always a bit scary being in a new city or place, not knowing whether you will have access to the internet or not can cause a lot of stress when it comes to getting around! To beat this issue I use a free offline map app called Maps.Me.

This free app is the best hack when it comes to getting around a new destination as you can pin locations in advance and easily wander the streets in random locations knowing where hidden gems lie. Look at maps and even search for directions all without being connected! We know the struggle is real with low wifi and data, and this app has definitely saved me in some tight situations!

Itinerary tip #3

On the go planning

Keep a journal! I know that sounds dated but having a pen and paper around is the best way to plan every new day out and to keep organised. As great as it is to have an amazing itinerary you must remember that it's important to remain flexible while you're travelling!

Plans change and new things pop up all the time; your itinerary isn’t the law, so feel free to break it! The beauty of being away is being able to do whatever YOU want to do whenever YOU want to do it. So hang loose and you're sure to always have a great time!

I hope these tips help you to plan out an EPIC adventure around your own backyard, so what are you waiting for? Get out there!

By Jess


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