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Getting around Welly on the cheap


One of the reasons I absolutely love this city is that it is super accessible just by walking. Get those booty gains while wandering the city capturing scenic views along the way.


As this city is full of students, who doesn't love filling their tank up for $10? A few trips to uni or to the supermarket, these bad boys makes this city easier than you can imagine! 


For those late night rides, or simply just to get out of windy Wellington's weather, no better solution than the simple ride-share app. I've sneakily grabbed a ride to uni, just to cram in that extra study before a test! 

The most eco-friendly way to get around, and quite frankly there's no better way than to peddle around the water front on a nice warm day (if you dare try the cycling track up to Mt Victoria lookout).

For a cheap fare to uni or simply to enjoy the views get a cable car. It offers a charming escape from the busy city streets to the tree lined walkways of the Botanic Gardens. At night time enjoy the little light show in the tunnel, a perfect way to get from the city to the suburbs. 

By Jess Mori


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