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Top 4 Auckland beaches to visit this summer

1. Omaha

With beautiful beaches and real fruit ice-cream, Omaha will be dreamy this summer. The beaches are incredibly safe with plenty of good walks around. This is the place for you and your friends this summer! Image:// Saltwater Eco

2. Ninety Mile Beach 

If you’re up for a bit of a road trip to a beach walk that extends for literally miles, then put this one on the bucket list for summer! Photo:// Jake Alford

3. Piha

Just under an hour from central Auckland, this is a popular surf beach with the waves to prove it. If you arrive here then make sure to climb Lion Rock for an amazing view of the West Coast. This is an absolute must-do for the crew! 

4. Minnehaha Beach 

Explore the rock bed to access this gorgeous hidden beach just around the corner from Takapuna beach, to make the perfect one-day getaway to escape the masses! 


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