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BYO restaurants in Auckland

Looking for a great place to head out for dinner before a big night out? Check out my list of top BYO restaurants that serve up food that’s too good to miss out on:


You can find Canton Cafe in the centre of Kingsland where they serve up some of the best Chinese cuisine I've had in the city. I'm not alone either, Zomato has Canton Cafe rated 3.9 making them one of the best BYO restaurants in the entire city! Canton Cafe is great for larger BYO groups as they have the space and the serving sizes to cater. How much do they charge for the BYO though? $2.50 a person, that's almost nothing. Save big time on your drinks and spend it on food instead! (Or more drinks later in the night!) P.S. They allow for beer and RTDs to be brought in, so go nuts!

You can't go wrong with dumplings, can you? No, you can't. New Flavour has been one of the main go-to spots for dumplings in Auckland for a few years now and they're still pumping out great tasting food. Just a short bus-ride from the CBD to Mt Eden, New Flavour serves up an array of Chinese cuisine, including but not limited to a range of dumplings. Check out their range of tofu dishes, pancakes, and 'sizzling' dishes.

Zomato has New Flavour sitting at 3.6/5 which is pretty good considering how long they've been around. Just up the road are a few different bottle shops so drop in, grab some booze and head down to New Flavour for a swig and a nosh.


Located on Commerce Street, Genta Izakaya offers up some of the best Japanese style food in the CBD. Settle into one of their comfy booths and take advantage of the $8 corkage fee to sip some top-notch drinks while Genta entertains your palate with edamame, sushi rolls, udon dishes, and a not-so-traditional deep-fried camembert! Genta is vegetarian friendly too so even your veggie friends can partake in the festivities!

Pokpok is hands down my favourite Thai restaurant. That's saying a lot; I'm all about Thai food. It's a tiny bit pricier than some other places, but the food is 100% worth it and you can just BYO to save on costs. I suggest trying the Pad Thai Noodle, they get flavours in there I can't even comprehend and I'm pretty sure other Thai restaurants don't know about. If you're not a noodle person then go for the massamun curry or the chilled tofu, both have had excellent reviews from friends.


Located in Ponsonby, Pane e Vino have an excellent reputation for their pizza but trust me when I say you have to try their bruschetta. They have six different versions so there's a flavour to suit every palate and no one is going to get left out. Pair the bruschetta with a bottle of red and your night is off to a good start. The staff here are always particularly friendly, which makes for a lovely atmosphere to drink and dine in. Plus, you're in Ponsonby! So no need to go far when the drinks get low.


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