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Have a day out in Auckland

When was the last time you went to the zoo? If it’s been more than a week, you’re due to go again I reckon! Alright maybe not quite that quickly, but two weeks would be pushing it! Auckland Zoo is home to 135 different species and more than 1,400 animals. There’s a reptile room, an area for primates, and an African area that you really can’t miss this! Depending on what time of day you go you can catch the animals being fed too!

Riverhead Tavern boat trip

Have you been to Riverhead Tavern yet? If so, have you gone there via boat? The Red Boats ferry folks to and from the tavern, departing from Auckland Harbour and meandering up the river. It’s a slow and peaceful trip and you get some great views of the city that you’d not get otherwise. Your captain can give you a bit of history as you cruise towards the historic Riverhead Tavern, home to great food and great folk for more than 150 years! Although the boat ride is the best way to get there, you can also drive to the tavern in a quick 25 minutes from the city. Photo:// The Red Boats Facebook

Need a bit of time away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Find your way to Rotoroa Island! Reopened to the public in 2005, Rotoroa Island is an idyllic sanctuary just an hour from Auckland. Despite the close proximity to the city, it feels like a different world where you can explore the coast and beautiful beaches. You can do one of many walks, lounge in the sunshine, or even stay the night if you’d like.

The museum in Auckland often goes overlooked when one is searching out some entertainment, and that’s not on! The Pacific Island and Maori artefacts on the main floor of the museum are breath-taking to see, the history behind it all is what makes it so cool! Check out a 25-metre war canoe and wander through a traditional meeting house. For something a bit more recent, head over to the display on Auckland’s volcanic field! There’s some great (terrifying?) info available and you can have a go in their eruption simulator. Once you’re all museum’d out, grab a snack from the café and head out into the Auckland Domain to enjoy the sunshine!

The Auckland Botanic Gardens are somehow one of the best kept secrets around! The gardens sprawl over 64 hectares, providing space for native forests, unique sculptures and statues, and a vast range of natural vegetation and flowers. The skilled caretakers have focussed on creating unique gardens and landscapes and the result is a spectacular garden with a distinctive South Pacific flavour. With multiple different sections of gardens following different themes of plants, there’s something for everyone, even the most seasoned plant lover!


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