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Hidden gems in Waikato

I don’t know about you but it never ceases to amaze me as to how fast the year has gone. The year is coming to an end, which means exams are just around the corner.

On the bright side, Summer is also just around the corner.

When I first told people I’m going to be moving from Auckland to Hamilton I didn’t hear the end of, “Why are you going to Waikato? There’s nothing to do there". Sometimes the Mighty Waikato can feel so small, especially when you're from somewhere like Auckland. I learnt that nature never fails to amaze me though. Here are a few of Waikato's hidden gems I've developed a crush on over the years I've been here.

Taitua Arboretum, Hamilton

The Taitua Arboretum spreads across 22 hectares of open spaces, featuring lakes, woodland gardens, birdlife and plenty of picnic spots all linked by a network of walking tracks. The perfect spot for a leisure weekend stroll, family picnic or more active outing. The free attraction is open seven days, from 8 am.

Kawhia Hot Water Beach, Kawhia

This place is hands down one of New Zealand's best-kept secrets. Head down to the Ocean Beach in Kawhia at low tide, find your spot and start digging for an instant natural hot water spa.

Blue Spring, Putaruru

65 kilometres south-east of Hamilton is the bluest natural pools in the country – Blue Spring. The spring is fed from the Mamaku Plateau where the water takes up to 100 years to filter through resulting is water so pure and clean that it looks virtually clear. The walk starting from Whites Road takes approximately an hour and a half each way. The shorter walk accessed from Leslie Road takes on 15 minutes each way.

Bridal Veil Falls, Makomako

15 minutes’ away from Raglan is the spectacular 55-metre-high Bridal Veil Falls, also known as the Wair?inga Falls. The three viewing platforms all provide stunning views and plenty of photo opportunities for the gram.

Marokopa Falls, Te Anga

Take in the view at one of the most impressive waterfalls in New Zealand. Marokopa Falls is located a few kilometres drive away from the Waitomo Caves.

By Shivika



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